100% Ffrash

100_ffrashFfrash makes high quality, sustainable design furniture and home interior products from Indonesian trash. Every Ffrash collection is created by internationally well-known Dutch and Indonesian designers and produced by former Indonesian street children. Ffrash trains less fortunate kids to become green furniture makers and entrepreneurs themselves, demonstrating that Indonesian street children have the potential to become skilled workers who can turn trash into beautiful and functional products. We buy the raw materials, trash, from scavengers and fishermen, generating a secured income for them. Ffrash is a fully non-profit organization. We work closely with our partner, KDM, the Kampus Diakonia Modern foundation in Indonesia. All revenues from the products will be invested in the Ffrash artisans and in the development and care of these former street children.
In other words Ffrash is 100% trash, 100% sustainable, 100% design and 100% not for profit

100% trash

100_trashEvery day, 16 million people living in and around Jakarta produce 6500 tonnes of trash. Once collected, this garbage is unloaded at different garbage dumps throughout the city. People flock to these dumps to sift through the garbage, creating makeshift settlements at the dumps that eventually grow into actual villages. Cardboard, plastic, glass, cans, bottles: every person has a specialization that he searches for and collects, making an average of €0,85 a day. And the next day, they each return to the mountains of trash to continue their hunt, of course never earning enough to break through the vicious cycle.
“Trash” with Guarantee of Quality
: Many of our products are made of 100% trash. But with some of the designs, this goal of 100% was not possible, and we had to add some new material (mainly steel) to maintain our quality standards. However, our aim will always be to avoid the use of new material as much as possible, and convert waste materials into Ffrash designs products.

100% sustainable

100_sustainableThere are three key factors—economic growth, environmental issues, and poverty—that must be addressed in order for sustainable development to take place. Poverty in particular often prevents sustainable use of natural resources, and so it must be handled intelligently to reverse the trend. By integrating environmental conservation on one hand and economic development on the other hand, sustainable development can be achieved. In other words, sustainability requires that there be a balance between ecological, economic, and social considerations.
Ffrash went in search of new applications for reusing trash to provide more benefits to the less fortunate youths around Jakarta, while also reducing the energy required for recycling. In this way, Ffrash contributes to sustainable development by creating a better balance between consumption and conservation. It is a fact that the processing of wood, whether for the purpose of furniture-making or wood crafting, is part of the Indonesian culture and tradition. Ffrash does not chop down more trees to make its furniture and interior design products. Instead, Ffrash makes furniture and other products by re-using trash, thus showing people that you can create new products without using wood as a raw material. Additionally, upcycling offers a solution to the problems around waste processing in Indonesia. And last, by training youths in furniture making, Ffrash empowers them to succeed in society. Vocational training and professional coaching support the street children to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. The children learn to create a better future for themselves in an environmentally sustainable manner while learning a trade and entrepreneurial skills.

100% design

100_designEvery year, a Ffrash collection is developed by a new set of well-known designers. The 2013-2014 collection was designed by Karin van Lieshout and Guido Ooms, of Studio OOOMS. Dutch designer Celine van Raamt developed the 2014-2015 collection for Ffrash and the collection 2015-2016 was developed bij Karsa, an established furniture and product design consultancy in Indonesia.

100% not for profit

notforprofitThe proceeds benefit the further development of the Ffrash young adults, production, and training.
Remaining revenues are fully invested in the KDM youths, the further development of these and other street children, and in social development projects at Jakarta dump sites.