Ffrash Volunteers

The non-profit organisation ‘then trash became Ffrash’ consists of volunteers from Indonesia and the Netherlands. Please allow us to introduce ourselves to you…

* Liselotte Nyqvist
* Francisca Baquedano
* Linda Stenmark

Liselotte Nyqvist

Executive Director

liselotteIt was Liselotte’s husband’s work which brought her and her family to Jakarta in January 2016. When she first came across Ffrash, with their stylishly designed products, she fell in love with the project at first sight. To combine two good purposes, helping street kids to a better future and recycle trash from the streets of Jakarta, is just wonderful. To live as an expat life is very privileged and to give back to the country and the people of Indonesia is a wonderfulexperience. You cannot give everything to everyone, but you can give little to someone.

Liselotte is on leave from Nordea Bank in Sweden where she works as a Sales Manager within payments. She has a long experience from the various positions she has held within Marketing, Sales and Product Development. She has also spentsome years in Tanzania, back in 2008, where she was involved with Fair Trade NGO, Mama Masaii, supporting Masaii women in north Tanzania. Her valuable experience from Mama Masaii will be put to good use when working with Ffrash.

Francisca Baquedano

Executive director

Coming from the end of the world where poverty and differences among social classes do strongly persists.
Graduated from scenery design as a major and work in different industries and projects, I was able to focus on what I liked the most, have my own entrepreneur adventure in interior design, delivering on my passion on interiors and beautiful spaces for people to enjoy a happy life.

As a family we took the decision to leave our beloved Chile to enjoy the adventure and provide our children an incredible experience exploring the world. We landed in Singapore for four years and later In Dubai for another three.

Recently relocated to Jakarta, where I was impressed by the contrast of the beauty of the country and it’s nice and happy people and the level of poverty.Decided to find out where I could engage to help with by small but dedicated contribution to be able to help to leave a fingerprint to support and improve people lives.
Now I can say that was love at first sight when I discover Ffrash, as was the perfect combination I was aiming for; combining art and design to improve people lives and a small contribution to build a better world.

Linda Stenmark

Financial Manager

marco“If you are born with wings you fly” were Linda’s words, back in late 2012, when her husband got the opportunity to work in Indonesia fora few years. Moving to Jakarta, with the whole family, husband and three children, from a slow-paced and not so densely populated area of northern Sweden, was a life-changing experience.

Over time, the life in Jakarta has turned into a love-and-hate relationship, where the constant struggles with traffic is overwhelmed by the smiles you receive from people you have never met. The visible poverty in Indonesia soon became impossible for Linda to ignore. Volunteering for Ffrash, “making fresh out of trash”, is a way for Linda to contribute in bringing opportunities, to at least a few of Jakarta’s too many poor young citizens, by providing them with a way to make a living for themselves

With the financial expertise Linda is bringing from 15 years working as a Financial Controller with the Swedish Board of Student Aid, she vouches for professional and transparent book-keeping. Sponsors and donors can be rest-assured that Ffrash is 100% non-profit making organisation.