Our Partner KDM

partner_kdmKDM’s full name is Kampus Diakonia Modern. KDM’s vision is to be a center of excellence, empowering street children of Indonesia to build better futures for themselves. They strive to provide an innovative and caring environment where Indonesia’s street children can become skilled, confident, and self-supporting young adults. All children, regardless of origin, are provided with their basic right to enjoy a childhood with love and acceptance, food, shelter, and education. Established in 1972, KDM has years of experience with educating this particular group of young people. At KDM’s Learning Center, the children are provided with the education each child deserves and otherwise would not have had. All teaching methods are tailored to the specific needs of street children. Their main objective is to give these children a chance to develop their own talents and to build a strong, positive character to enable them to achieve what they want in life.

Read more about KDM on their website: www.kdm.or.id