Ffrash Artisans

In October 2012, 25 young adults had been pre-selected by KDM, and came from KDM itself as well as from other shelter organizations in Jakarta. During this event, they learned about KDM, Ffrash, and the Ffrash training. Out of these 25 young adults, a small group of Ffrash artisans were selected based on observed creativity, manual skills, and independence. These qualities became evident during a practical exercise in which each candidate had to create something new from a pile of trash. In-depth interviews were then held to assess their motivation to join the training, which they all enthusiastically demonstrated.

In January 2013, the first group of former street-children, the junior artisans, joined Ffrash. For one and a half year Ffrash trained this group of young adults to become furniture makers, and together with KDM we coached them to become independent entrepreneurs.

Early 2014 the junior artisans became senior artisans. A few junior team members were admitted and are being trained by this group of senior youths. Regrettably, there are again no women on this year’s group, but we are confident this will change in subsequent years.
In January 2014 we also hired a workshop manager, Yoki. Yoki is a KDM alumnus, who -being a former street kid himself- knows how to handle the boys. Yoki is organized, disciplined, and does an excellent job of overlooking the production and the quality of products. Yoki was 13 years old when he moved to KDM from a foster family in northern Jakarta. He prefered to stay at KDM to be able to live independently and learn to not rely entirely on the family. For 9 years, he received education and leadership training. He learned to take care of the smaller kids in KDM. In 2010, Yoki decided to leave KDM and to start a career in one of the social institutions in Jakarta performing administrative and supervisory activities at a halfway house. When he heard about Ffrash in 2013, he became interested in decided to join the team. In this job, he still gets to work with KDM children and help former street children like himself to find their future.

At the end of 2014 some new team members joint Ffrash and we are happy that, this time, we also have 3 girls joining our team.

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