Ffrash Training

The Ffrash vocational training started in January 2013 and went through in 2014. For many of the Ffrash team members, this educational experience is a substantial addition to the limited schooling they received in their young lives. And for all of them, it offers a unique chance to improve their prospects for the future. Next to the technical training, they will also receive a commercial training as well as professional coaching to develop their social skills and to become confident, and self-supporting young adults. All this will enable them to become entrepreneurs themselves.

vocational training

vocational_trainingThe training begins with—what else—training in using tools and materials. The Ffrash vocational training takes place on the KDM premises. The youths first learn to handle materials, becoming familiar with working with wood, metal, fabric, glass and paper, as well as the different tools. Initially, each young adult focuses on a specific material and technique. Once this is mastered, each of them will teach his specialized skill to his peers. After 12 months, each student should possess all the skills necessary to be a furniture maker.
The workshop manager leads the group of young adults and is responsible for procuring materials and managing the workshop inventory. After a year the junior artisans become senior artisans. New junior team members are admitted and are trained by the group of trained youths.

commercial training

commercial_skillsWithin the training program, Ffrash provides another module to prepare the youths for the “real” world: marketing. This module is provided by highly qualified English-speaking foreigners visiting or living in Jakarta.

social skills

social_skillsThrough lack of attention during their infancy, many street children never fully developed their social skills. Therefore, the young adults involved in the Ffrash training are being coached by a strong and professional team from KDM. Next, at Ffrash we focus particularly on norms and values related to a business environment. The youths develop communication skills, self-evaluation skills, and integrity, as well as learning how to deal with personal problems and recognize and utilize their emotions. They also learn about interpersonal relationships that play an important role in dealing with bosses, colleagues, and clients.


entrepreneurshipBesides being taught technical skills, the Ffrash youths will receive strong support to develop their social skills. This is essential, as the street children generally receive very little guidance from adults throughout their lives, not even from their parents. Robust and diverse teams from KDM assist the Ffrash young adults. From time to time they get to meet and visit Ffrash customers and they get the opportunity to help selling the Ffrash products at special events, e.g. bazaars. This helps the Ffrash team understand what is expected in a business setting, both professionally and socially.